Now or Never Notebook

Now or Never Notebook

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Once upon a time a thought turned into a dream and that dream turned into reality.  Because sometimes you've gotta take the leap of faith and go for it!  Use this notebook to jot down your dreams and plans for action.  Not only will it turn heads, it has a soft-touch, velvet laminated cover that ensures image quality over time to create a water resistant external coating (it feels like magic). #OohLaLa

Measures 5.25" x 8.25" 

75 sheets/150 pages; Lined


Sales proceeds from this notebook fund global artists and their work, as well as build schools for children in impoverished countries.  Schools built to date: Laos, Guatemala and Mali. Sourced from Denik.  

Artwork by: Katrina Houskeeper

Follow more of her work at

Instagram: @khousdesign