Our Fair Trade partner, Matr Boomie exists as a vessel to bridge the gap between artisan villages in India and a life well lived, above the poverty line that so readily exists within India's borders.  

When it comes to fair trade, above all Matr Boomie values:

  • Safe work conditions
  • Education
  • The confidence and well-being of our artisan partners
  • No child labor

As a member of the Fair Trade Federation and a certified Gold Business by Green Business America, Matr Boomie works hand in hand with artisan partners throughout India.  By utilizing an on-ground team in various Indian villages, Matr Boomie can ensure artisans are treated with dignity and respect throughout every step of their work.  

Matr Boomie's mission is to create a world that's more compassionate, kind and connected, so they do more than just offer fair wages to their artisan partners--they also invest in development projects, healthcare, education, skills training, micro-credit loan programs, and scholarships for Indian women, minorities, people with special needs and artisans in Indian slums and isolated communities.  

Purchases of Matr Boomie’s products sustain jobs through dignified, sustainable employment and provide empowerment within families and communities.


Check out more about Matr Boomie and how they're bridging the gap here

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