With a heart for providing equality to women in Uganda, Sseko Designs is committed to sending girls to college.  

After graduation from high school Ugandan guys and gals have a gap period in which they work to earn enough money to attend university.  However, most of the time local business only want to hire the guys, leaving the girls no opportunity to achieve a degree of higher education.  Most of those women instead are left to live within a life of poverty.  

Sseko has stepped in to flip the script and change the norm for these women.  For 9 months after high school graduation, Sseko hires the girls to be the hands and minds behind Sseko's product.  Each girl is provided an outlet to earn not only fair wages, but enough wages to fund their way to attending university.  Sseko's commitment to these women also includes providing scholarships and irreplaceable knowledge for the continual development of each and every woman in their program.  And that, my friends, is why every Sseko has a story -- behind every product is a woman working her way to university, finding her way to the future she has always dreamed of.

By working with Sseko The Marketgrace has adopted our own Sseko Sister, Christine.  Every Sseko product we sell directly benefits this sister and we are so humbled to be able to help her earn her way to college!  Y'all, her dream is to own her own business some day and when we had the opportunity to choose who we wanted to work with we knew God was aligning our hearts with this sole sister, Christine.  


Shop Sseko products from this link to find beautiful items that support Christine's journey to university.  You won't regret it! <3

Find out more about Sseko and their heart for Uganda here.



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