When God placed a dream on the hearts of Brandon and Jessica Hotz, His divine intervention introduced them to the right person at the right time in South Asia.  From a friendship grew a business partnership that would become known as "Elevate People" -- a nonprofit organization that exists to do exactly what its name says: elevate people in developing countries by creating opportunity for them to not only survive, but thrive.  

The Elevate team in America works closely with their business partners in South Asia.  Through collaboration and opportunity to create beautiful leather goods, the transformation of lives occurs as part of the process. Your choice to shop on purpose and purchase Elevate items allows for:

  • Elevate to create opportunities with their national partners through Enterprise Start-Up, Vocational Training or Educational Scholarships that will enhance their lives. They believe in giving opportunity, not charity -- an opportunity is a gift that can withstand the test of time and will keep blessing the community far after Elevate is gone.
  • Elevate's partners can:
    • Branch out and open learning centers for children, women's empowerment groups and training centers for other local entrepreneurs.
    • Achieve and sustain dreams of providing economic opportunities within their communities and society. 
    • Create a positive communal cycle of holistically lifting up their local artisans--encouraging them to set personal and professional goals, to inspire and to be inspired, and to revel in their work communities--knowing they are accepted, trained and challenged to grow in the midst of their immense difficulties.
    • Empower others through empowerment.

Additionally, all leather sold through Elevate People is "Eco-leather".  Most leather tanneries require the use of harmful chemicals in their process, which endangers their employees and the environment. Elevate's leather artisans in India tan leather hides without heavy chemical use. This tannery does not employ child labor! It doesn’t get much better than this.#LeatherForGood never looked and felt so good!

#LeatherForGood never looked or felt so good!

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