A company named "Denik" is the double-give-back force behind our super fun notebooks and the mantra "Art can change the world".  We cannot get enough of these bold little notebooks and we're loving Denik's heart behind their product.

So how does Denik give back?  

  • Working with artists from around the globe, Denik gathers their art and then puts their work on journals, notebooks, and sketchbooks. Each artist is highlighted on the notebooks so you can explore more of their work via social media.  The platform Denik provides artists allows any skill-level of artist to show off their talents.  And, with every product sold, Denik provides a portion of the proceeds to the artist.
  • Denik also has a huge heart for providing educational resources--obviously via notebooks, but on an even larger scale by building schools around the world. Thus far they have been able to apply enough proceeds to build schools in Laos, Guatemala and Mali.  Venture here to check out how Denik's school building has impacted Laos.
  • Find out more about how art can change the world by visiting Denik's page


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