BE A good hYOUman

Good hYOUman produces cool threads that are a comfy reminder to feel good, see the good, and be a good human.  The company was created in memory of the Founder's dad, with a heart for spreading good to YOU--hence the name.

All shirts are limited edition (seasonal) and exist to inspire, encourage and fulfill the humans that wear them.  By creating their own patterns, sourcing their own products locally and using real stories to inspire each shirt, good hYOUman is the emotional and physical feel-good shirt you've been looking for.  

Because good hYOUman product is made in America, the company employs people throughout LA and pays fair wages to its employees.  

Good hYOUman promises: 

TO deliver the highest quality 100% of the time.
TO provide a stellar shopping experience.
TO give back to the community.
TO share your stories.
TO create amazing and inspiring content.
TO manufacture our products in the United States of America.

Find out more about good hYOUman and their purpose in the video below and at this link

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