A note from our Founder, regarding our name, "The Marketgrace"...

The "Marketgrace" is a play on the word "marketplace", with emphasis on the word "grace"--and there are so many reasons why I chose this name!  Three of them are explained below.

  • Without God's grace I wouldn't be here today!  The path to creating this store was a long one--seven years to be exact!  In 2010, after I spent three months as a Summer Missionary in Nicaragua, I felt God's tug on my heart to open a give-back store as a way to combat poverty.  But without resources, time or money, I held back and followed other paths.  Throughout the years I kept feeling this tug on my heart as a reminder to live purposefully, and this give-back thing kept its place in my mind.  Now that I'm here in 2017 living out this mission, I know it was God's provision that kept bringing me back to a place He originally called me to...a place that is now known as The Marketgrace.
  • I want The Marketgrace to be a marketplace that provides a platform for artisans and causes, as well as a market for fair trade and ethically made goods.  This is a place where grace is extended to others by others, through the means of an online sale.  Buying these types of items allows you as the consumer to purchase responsible products that can positively impact the world and help someone you don't know find their way out of poverty.  Every purchase you make casts a vote for the type of world you want to live in.  I commend you for making the choice to extend grace to others and shop responsibly.
  • The path God led me down earlier in life allowed me to see, feel, hear, understand and experience a changed life.  This life that transformed through repentance, redemption and revival is continuing to grow with a heart for God and God's people.  You guys, our Lord and Savior saved me from myself!  I am so undeserving of God's mercy and of God's ever-amazing grace, and I fully acknowledge that without either of these, I would not be the person I am with the purpose I have today.

Thank you for following us on this journey!  We cannot wait to see how God uses The Marketgrace as a force for good in the world.